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    A recent graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, I found myself with no money, no kitchen equipment, and an exceptionally huge appetite. Ideas, improvisations, and yummy meal solutions were discovered in the kitchen of my very first apartment.
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Caramelized Onion Soup

I am a major onion eater. I don’t care about the consequences, I could eat them like apples – even if it meant driving everyone around me far, far away. I love this onion soup because it’s easy and I always have everything I need for it right on hand. I don’t call it “French Onion Soup” because I don’t top it with the cheesy crouton garnish (which is delicious, of course). Instead, this is merely an enriched broth that can be made quickly and enjoyed for days.

Vegetarians – don’t just substitute vegetable broth for the beef broth, you won’t get the rich flavor that’s typical for this soup. Instead, use mushroom broth – it has a rich, meaty flavor that’s the ideal substitute.

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This Month’s Packed Lunch

One of the fabulous suggestions I’ve received for the blog was from my brother’s girlfriend, Brenda. She said she hates taking boring lunches to work but can’t think of new and exciting things to take. Also, she doesn’t want to spend too much time doing it. The solution? A new monthly segment called “This Month’s Packed Lunch”! Each month, I’ll give you new ideas of things to liven up your lunch, whether you take it to work, school, or are planning a picnic and need something tasty.

The first lunch couldn’t be simpler, but seems sort of out of the ordinary. This sandwich tastes really good cold, making it ideal for just tossing together and taking with you in the morning. It’s made with sausage, which sure beats you average turkey or ham sandwich. The relish I made yesterday is the perfect complement, and I added some pepperoncinis (one of my favorites) to add some acidity and a slight kick. I always say the best sandwiches are simple, and this one has it all: amazing texture from the bread, a great spread (which keeps the bread from becoming overly soggy while it sits), and just a little bit of spice. If you don’t like spicy foods, a good, garlicky pickle would be a good replacement.

Onion Relish

For a sandwich I was making (post coming soon), I made this super easy but unbelievably flavorful onion relish. I suppose technically it might be more like a chutney or a compote, but the acidity and texture reminded me of a relish, and it made such an amazing spread on my sandwich. The best part is, you can make a batch and keep it in your fridge for use in all kinds of dishes: sandwiches, burgers, salads, snacks (on top of a cracker with a little bit of cheese), and so on.

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Rosemary Onion Foccacia

I have a hard time posting recipes when I’m home, because I often don’t get a chance to photograph them! The smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, or of cinnamon baking in the oven, or gobs of melted chocolate send everyone in the house to the kitchen to see what’s cooking. Which is why I was delighted to get some prep done before we headed to my grandma’s for a Christmas celebration earlier this week…I made several loaves of this onion-rosemary foccacia and was able to snap photos to my hearts content before it was devoured with cheese, meats, spreads, and three kinds of soup at my grandma’s that afternoon.

I’m sure most of you are already prepared for your Christmas feasts, but if you’re snowed in (like I am today), maybe a loaf of fresh bread is just what you need to make it through the day. Well, that, and all of your new presents. Merry Christmas everyone!

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