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    A recent graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, I found myself with no money, no kitchen equipment, and an exceptionally huge appetite. Ideas, improvisations, and yummy meal solutions were discovered in the kitchen of my very first apartment.
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    Coconut Red Curry Lentils n’ Rice

    This blog is about food…but a few people have pointed out to me that the little snippets of text here and there really tie it together. Because it’s not always enough to grab a recipe and run – some of you like a little splash of real life in there too.

    We had a fire at my house this week. Yes. It doesn’t get much more real than that. There is minimal damage and everyone and everything is safe (minus my bath mats, shower curtain, toilet seat and the tile in the bathroom). It happened in the middle of the night, which made it extra scary and I spent the next day recovering by ordering Chinese food. Yes…I don’t cook well (for myself) under pressure. But by the next day I had gathered my head and made something simple – a one pot meal that was fast and easy but quite comforting in it’s own right. Lentils and brown rice smothered in creamy coconut red curry. It was delicious and wonderfully spicy (great with a glass of something spritzy). You know what they say, after all, – fight fire with fire…


    Chinese Stuffed Cabbage

    I’m always talking about quick, easy meals. But even better than meals that are simple, only take one pot, or can be made with very few ingredients are make ahead meals. This meal is absolutely perfect for that. After I made a super quick all-in-one pot meal last week, I made a super quick dinner: stuffed cabbage which sat in the fridge in it’s baking dish, and a delicious sweet and sour sauce that were all ready and waiting when I got home from work the next day. I just poured the sauce over the cabbage and baked. When you’re pressed for time – this is totally a go-to dish…that still offers something a little different!

    Thai Chicken Burgers with Peanut Sauce and Pickled Veggies (and an Awesome Salad to Make with the Leftovers!)

    Sometimes the reaction when I announce dinner plans isn’t too enthusiastic. “Ok” or even “That sounds good” are nothing compaired to the “Yesssssssss!” or “Mmmmmm” I often get when making some of the household favorites. So let me just say it’s difficult to overstate how big of a hit these Thai-inspired chicken burgers were. They were moist and juicy with lots of cilantro and mild chile flavor in the meat, topped with a deliciously creamy peanut sauce, and an amazing Asian veggie pickle mixture.

    Crisp, delicious, easy, and cheap! Look at that picture. It’s seriously making me hungry again. Ignore the fact that there is almost no bun on the bottom (they’re homemade – but who really needs a lot of bun anyway?). It’s a great way to liven up burgers at your house – and healthy too!

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    Vegetarian Ramen

    I think I was about 14 when I first saw Tampopo, a Japanese “noodle Western” about a “cowboy” (truck driver) who helps a woman turn around her formerly unsuccessful noodle shop. The truly remarkable thing about this movie is it actually says a lot about the importance of food in Japanese culture. I became fascinated, as well as endlessly amused by it. Still today, I remember the scene where the old man teaches an eager young student the correct way to eat a bowl of ramen. I don’t follow his instruction, but I do love ramen, and today was the kind of rainy day that was just perfect for it.

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    Salmon with Asian Slaw and Citrus Yogurt Sauce

    I didn’t want to stop posting even though I am temporarily without camera. And it’s a bit of a shame, because this salmon was one of the prettiest dishes I have made in a long time – amazing colors, delicious flavors, and super super fast to make. By the time I had tossed the slaw, the salmon was done cooking – the whole meal was done in less than 15 minutes.

    The next time you see some beautiful, fresh wild salmon at the grocery store (or the next time it’s on sale, as it was for me) grab it up and make this dish – it’s delicious and was definitely the perfect way to beckon in the warmth of spring.

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